messej - Next Level Communication App.

messej is a Freemium Social interaction Application for iOS and Android, which helps you to connect socially with a bundle of exciting and useful features.

Why messej?

messej app is developed as one of the most modernised communication solution with a variety of exciting and useful features which allows its users to connect and communicate with their followers in different ways in one place.


Broadcast your messages to your circle like never before. Now send your messages to unlimited users with a single tap.


Share your stories, post pictures, videos or texts to let everyone know what you are up to.


If you are an influencer or wanna be an influencer, lets get started. Build more fans, reach more people, be a real influencer.


Be a Super Star for premium users, The users who will choose you as a super star will be shown in your Dears List.

How can i use messej App?

messej app is one of the most user friendly social interaction native application which allows its users to communicate in a simple and easy way and is free of cost. To use the app follow these simple steps.



Download the latest version of messej App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.



Register with messej App by filling your details with an easy and simple user interface.



Bring life to your social interactions. Invite your friends to join your messej network, get more fans and get it all going.


Upgrade to premium

Enjoy the exciting, outstanding premium features by upgrading to messej premium version.

Send Broadcasts To Unlimited Users With messej

With the messej app, it is even easier to broadcast your messages to multiple users with a single tap.

  • Broadcast Messages, Photos, Videos, and tell your followers all you want to say.

  • Enjoy following your Superstar and Stars, and receive their updates and news .

  • Send your messages to all or one or selected followers.

Safe and Secure

Your shared data with messej app is safe and secured with advanced encryption.

  • Your privacy is a priority

  • All your data is securely stored by cloud encryption

  • Well crafted policies and guidelines for your security

  • Extra security with two-factor authentication and biometric

  • Protection from privacy violations and hacker attacks

  • Protects users, devices and networks from new-generation threats

Your in-messej Biz

Get more Fans, make them Dears, stay active in messej, and collect Performance Points.

  • Get more fans, make them dears, stay active in messej and collect all the performance points

  • Make use of your active performance points

  • Create or join premium huddles

  • Send long messages and videos in premium huddles

  • Get prioritized in showing your hulla stories on top of most suggestions or all suggestions

  • Buy freelance services from other premium users and so on

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